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       Poema título:   Everyone, here
          Creado en:   7th diciembre, 2010
         Creado por:   Abhishek Kotecha
               Lengua:   Hindi, UK English, Spanish

Inspiration: Today is 7th December, 2011 and exactly a year ago, one of the memorable event took place in my life. Sharing it with the poem of that day.

 It was a normal hazy winter evening of Mumbai. After getting interviewed by one of the company, which than selected me and offered a letter of joining, I was returning back to my home, Gujarat, in a bus.

 I received the news, of my selection, from one of my roommate as he was very happy for me and I was able to feel his enthusiasm, delivering this news to me, while my bus had just departed. And the feeling with pleasant emotions were pouring down my heart with fresh breaths. Called and informed every special personalities of my life. And after few talks, tears of happiness were about to rain on my lap. And here arrived a next station, I was able to see, one of, my good friend was waiting there for bus. My friend had reserved ticket for both of us, and was seating next to me, as obviously. And I was eager to know his status for same company.

 He congratulated me and kept his bag under the seats. I received smile but a degree of self-disappointment was also there, hardly detectable. The same  happened with my other friend, too, who was my good friend's classmate from school and my college friend. Having tiny conversation with my friend, we both went busy on our personal phone-call. Within few minutes, a thin feeble cry and a heavy sound from throat, mixed with noise of bus, were joining my conversation.

At that point, mind got captured with confusion, as in what to feel! A good friend is having a bad news with him and spreading my news was comfortable to me. But when he dropped his call, instantly, I also disconnected my call. And I kept on trying for next 10-15 mins. to make him feel comfortable, and then did same for that other friend, too. Both were not in a mood in having conversation with anyone, which is understandable. Then I opened window and tool some fresh air and listened to my favorite song, from movie 'Wake up S!d'! And got relaxed and refreshed from this uncomfortable situation. But the situation of both of the friends were as it was.

 With this odd feeling, I found myself creating few lines with few motivational statements. And tried to fix it up in a rhythm. After 15 mins. of journey, the statements with rhythm were prepared and I liked it. Sang that song to both of them. After this short poem, the other friend smiled at me in a decent way and my good and close friend accepted my words with few claps with refreshing smile and I ended with the word "Thank you..:)". (Few days back, when on telephonic conversation he told, he still have this poem in his mind, to me, it felt awesome to me, as well.)

 So here is the poem I created and devoted, firstly to only two of my friends, and now to you all, my friends. I'll be releasing the vocals of it within few weeks, as soon as I get few leisure.

:) ==========

हर कोई, यहाँ पे, जुड़ा हुआ है किसिना किसी से;

हर कोई, यहाँ पे...
जुड़ा हुआ है किसिना किसी से;
जैसे, हम भी...
है गम और ख़ुशी के सितारे, धुप के है चाहनेवाले;
और क्यों ना हो हम जो बन रहे है... सितारे...चमकते सितारे!
और क्यों ना हो हम जो बन रहे है... सितारे...चमकते सितारे!

किसी से जो डर जाये, हम वोह नहीं;
किसी से जोह घबराए, वेसे तोह नहीं;
तालियों की पुकार, है बस हमारी...

दहरे दहरे, बारिश बरसे;
पानी जो बरसे तोह, बदल ही तरसे...

कोई यहाँ पे क्यों यह समजे ना...

हर कोई, यहाँ पे, जुड़ा हुआ है किसिना किसी... से!
हर कोई, यहाँ पे, पारा री रा रा, परा रीई... रा...!

                                                  ========== Thank you :)

 The story didn't end up there and still, I was able to find his dullness, at that moment and for next few months. Continued to try with some other placement opportunities and we all were knowing, he is capable of cracking this kinda exams but due to the unknown reason it was not happening!!

 After on his 10th-12th try, he received success. And the great part, he offered highest package from a US based consultancy firm. Isn't that sounds cool!! No, this is not cool. The word cool for him was something other than our's. He, my good friend, was selected in army a month ago and he accepted and determined for this. He did it somethig great from all of us and today each one from our campus respects him with words, "What you feel, if someone from your campus receives highest package and instead of this he is joining Army? One word, RESPECT!!". And my other friend is also now in a nice and growth making IT company.

 So never allow your hopes to narrow your path down and allow light of self encouragement to boost your confidence. You can not predict and you never know your own future.

The English and Spanish version of the same poem, respectively:

Everyone, here, is associated to at least someone;

Everyone on here...
Is always connected to someone;
As such, we...
Are the stars of pain and delight, and we are the fan of sun's light;
And why we should not be, we're becoming... Stars... the sparkling star!
And why we should not be, we're becoming... Stars... the sparkling jewel!

Someone who should be afraid, we are not that;
Someone who waits for someone to nervous, it is not the urge;
Call of the Applauds, is just our's...

Slowly and steadily, rain lashed;
If cloud is allowing rain, then definitely cloud is going to face drought.

Why, here, no one wants to understand that...

Everyone, here, is associated to at least someone;
Everyone, here, is associated to at least someone;

Spanish Version:

Todos, aquí, está asociado al menos a una persona;

Todo el mundo aquí ...
Siempre está conectado a alguien;
Como tal, ...
Son las estrellas de dolor y placer, y nosotros somos el fan de la luz del sol;
¿Y por qué no deberíamos estar, nos estamos convirtiendo en ... Estrellas ... la estrella brillante!
¿Y por qué no deberíamos estar, nos estamos convirtiendo en ... Estrellas ... la brillante joya!

Alguien que hay que tener miedo, no hacer eso;
Alguien que espera a que alguien nervioso, no es el impulso;
Llamada de la aplaude, es sólo nuestra es ...

Poco a poco y de manera constante, la lluvia azotó;
Si la nube es permitiendo que la lluvia, entonces definitivamente la nube se va a enfrentar la sequía.

¿Por qué, aquí, nadie quiere entender que ...

Todos, aquí, está asociado al menos a una persona;
Todos, aquí, está asociado al menos a una persona;

Thank you for reading and apologies for any typo mistakes.. Have a best, creative and a worthwhile day.

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  1. sahi hai bhai.........gajab ki feelins hai...yaad dila dii voh purani yaadein

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  3. It was pleasure to read this ... Almost Mix feelings till d end ... but finally feels gr8 "NO Words" just owsm ... the best blog till now ... "the best true lines for dedicating to a friend till now". Proud for rytham and also congrats for compliting a small yr in HCL coz its far to understand them[HCL] that what real talent they have or they brought... @k$

  4. mast hai bhai...
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